Khloe Kardashian is an icon, and she's a beauty, she has always been a beauty. However the Kardashian family has elevated the stakes of beauty so beyond natural means that Khloe feels insecure when a gorgeous picture of her surfaces online without her vetting process, making us lowly content-consumers ask, did you just play yourself?

Before Kim, the beauty world was simpler times. Her makeup artist Mario buffed her, quaffed her so she looks like she has skin made of velvet. Her surgeon, rumored to have added some things to her physique and face. …

It’s not someone’s mindset that’s holding them back, it their lack of financial mobility.

The biggest motivation I get to write is not when I agree with someone but when I outwardly don’t. When I read their work and think, “fucking chump doesn’t live in the real world” and I simply have to tell them the cold hard facts that fear of failure doesn’t drive people. Fear of starvation does.

There’s one major caveat to the whole “change your mindset and be: happier wealthier, more productive, successful” trove that happens again and again. It’s a little thing called money. We…

I need to cleanse my soul, but I’m afraid the debris is hiding a multitude of madness

I swore off god at quite a young age, after my grandmother died of non-hodgkins lymphoma I was adamant that a man so nasty to cause my nanan so much suffering couldn’t possibly exist, how could he, better yet, how dare he. …

Racial spaces and fitness

Yoga, originally a practice from India has been culturally appropriated to be a white privilege, I step into my HotPod Yoga class I do on Fridays and I am greeted with white faces, all the instructors are white women and although I feel at calm due to my race biases I somehow wonder whether we allow the same spaces to be occupied by non-white women.

I go hiking, and I don’t see any non-white faces.

I go to the gym and I don’t see any non-white faces, especially non-white female faces. It seems as if fitness…

How I’ve shifted my perception from physique to performance

It’s safe to say that my YouTube is awash with yoga videos, popsugar follow along workouts and UK IFBBPro bodybuilders talking about movement and physique and all the great stuff we critique ourselves on, on a daily basis.

A news article in 2012 from the sexist, racist and homophobic (IMO) Daily Mail said that women check their reflection average eight times a day. I’d say that is correct with bathroom breaks, getting ready and getting ready for bed/bathing. …

And Never really feeling grown up.

The picture of adulthood to me is height. I remember looking up to my mother and thinking she was huge and powerful when I was little, I remember looking up to everyone and feeling they were my superiors, and now at 28, an adult, with my own car and house and savings and money, and job and hobbies, I still can’t shake the feeling of child-like-ness because I am short. Waiting for an adult-er adult (or taller adult) to help me with something.

Because when I look up to my peers around me, who…

Against other women

I’ve just come from my holiday and While we were there we encountered the MIL (Mother in Law* even though technically we aren’t married we probably will be), I also say encountered like I suffered her terrible shady behaviour but it wasn’t all bad. However there were some things I still can’t shake from this woman that I just cannot stand, she acts like the most pious bigot I have ever met.

Although she was generally nice to me the times that we have seen her, she largely did it out of love for her son and…

Here’s why I’m sick of your shit


I’ve embarked on the ketogenic diet, I am loving it so far, I’ve lost a couple of pounds and my clothes feel looser, I am doing this before I go away to the canary islands in 4 weeks and will continue on holiday and also when I am back. I am enjoying having 3 meals a day and my food satiating me. My mum introduced me after being on it for a year and loosing a WHOPPING 5 stone, I am so proud of her, she had just come out of a horrible…

I tried bullet journaling once, it gave me anxiety. It made me feel like if I had a spare nothing day I HAD to fill it with tasks. It’s not a technique that should be used for people who aren’t naturally busy. I literally got to the point where I couldn’t sit down and relax once at home until I had ticked everything off. And then one day I put it away and never picked it back up.

Imagine being one of those people (you might not need to imagine if this rings true for you) that has to be…

When your carefree attitude gets confused with carelessness

Why do we always confuse carefree with carelessness, is it the majority of society that decides which behaviors are the markers of each?
Carelessness is knowing the implications and doing it anyways, because you couldn’t care less, being carefree is the lack of worry. I am relatively carefree person, I don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m not bothered about my morning routine, I don’t have a organisation chart and set ways of doing things, and I like to sit down, a lot.

Laid back, carefree, whatever you want to call it.


Just Nat on A Rant

I like to rant about life :) I'm slightly aggressive and calmness is not a personality trait I possess, but stay a while and read my shit. I get paid for it :)

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